EZCL – Electric Lift Manual Flip Up


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Optional Accessories

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Reciever Class - 2

Width (front to back) [inch] Length (Left to Right) [inch] Unit Weight (lbs) Carry Capacity (lbs)
EZCL 2-60C 32 60 110 190
    • Electric Lift
    • Manual Fold Up
    • Upright Storage
    • 2" Security Rails
    • Perforated Deck
    • Silent Hitch Pin
    • Retractable Cargo Buckles
    • Powder Coat Paint for more durable finish
    • No Scooter modifications needed
SAE-2 (Swing Away Electric, Class 2) CB1 (Cargo Buckle, Single)
CB2 (Cargo Buckle, Pair) LPRK-E (License Plate Relocator Kit, Electric)
LPRK-SAE (License Plate Relocator Kit, Swing Away Electric)